[Outing] 2ND JAN OUTING (Saturday)

Hi the Guzu gang and the Fujoshi sentai (not same gang ka? :P)

Neon and Juufan were asking for an outing. I suggested we watch Sherlock Holmes on 2nd Jan 2010. Was planning for an early morning show but Neon says she can’t make it. She’s free Sat evening. What say you ladies?


2 thoughts on “[Outing] 2ND JAN OUTING (Saturday)”

  1. Anna is coming only end of January,so full sentai meetup is susah.And our newest member is prolly having her exams around early time..

    I see about the Sherlock movie thing through on 2nd first,havent seen the Guzu in a long while,but some pretty serious stuff cropped out and I want to see the aftermath of it and how it affects the family OTL.>>

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