[Religion] I am Gemini

I am Gemini. The one who disrobed Christ. Preparing him like a Lamb before the slaughter, to be nailed to the Cross. As we disrobed him, my green Twin and I, I see his wounds. His body glistens with sweat. The blood and flesh have mixed with the sweat. As we peel away the robe, he winces in pain.

My heart swells with desire to heal him. To spirit him away, and to cleanse his wounds. I know not who he is, nor what crime he has committed, only that he is innocent. Compassion, not pity, fill my heart. Would that I could spirit him away, to cleanse his wounds, to heal this man.

Yet I could not. Instead, I watched as they led him to the cross. I watched as they hammered the first nail into his hand. I flinched at his cry of pain. I could not stop them, stop them from killing a man I knew innocent of whatever they accused him.

I am the Red Twin, and I stand on the Left hand of God.