Sherlock Holmes 2009: First impressions

Pardon the incoherency. Reliving the movie makes me squee. Again and again.

Sherlock Holmes the 2009 film delights my heart like no other film can this year. The reason is simple; it plays to all my fangirl instincts. I grew up reading the actual books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and never really got into the various film incarnations.

Karcy mentioned that the film would appeal to those who loved the books rather than those who grew up on the movies, and I have to agree. They basically threw out the old stereotypes and made a much better tribute to Sir Doyle than I would have thought possible.

How does one describe a detective movie that makes a book fangirl squee? I see so many familiar faces here. Irene Adler. Professor Moriarty. Mrs Hudson. Lestrade. Mary Morstan. 221 B Baker Street.

Each of these characters were brought to life convincingly. They were no weaklings to Holmes and Watson; each were strong and commanding in their own way. Mrs Hudson, in the short scene she appeared, was a wonderful portrayal of a housekeeper who had tenants she rolled her eyes at.

Mary Morstan was fantastic as the governess set to marry Watson. She had grace, poise and the proper air of “Englishness” about her. Irene Adler… well this American temptress was played to the hilt. Each smile, each gesture, the steel in her spine. She was a woman who would shock Victorian England with her daring and that was just what she did.

Lestrade… is not that bumbling. He’s rather competent and quite his own man, even if he is far too conventional. Yes, they are faithful to Sir Doyle’s portrayals. Moriarty is, at this moment, an unknown. An enigma. We saw his hand. We heard his voice. But we did not see the man personally.

I want a sequel for that alone.

But what makes Sherlock Holmes such a squee-worthy movie is the chemistry. There’s actual chemistry between the main cast. The interaction between Holmes and Watson has to be seen to be believed, especially with a jealous Holmes (yes Karcy, it is cute!). Mary Morstan and Watson are the perfect middle-class pair. Adler and Holmes… well, let’s just say that sparks fly.

There’s a bit too many explosions and fighting scenes for my liking (the whole pit fight was one of them) but overall, they add to the story rather than detract. The film does go over the top at times, but at least it’s not an-explosion-a-minute like Michael Bay. You get the feeling that at least Guy Ritchie respects and has some form of admiration for Sir Doyle’s works, but Bay? Has none of that.

Hey Michael Bay, go take some lessons in class, why don’t you?

Ok time to download some e-books. 😀