Recap: 2009

So… turns out that I DID make a note of 2009’s resolutions. 😀 And you know what? I managed to fulfil most of them! Though not in quite the same manner I first envisioned.

Chronicle this most AMAZING year of my life! PASS!
Yes, I was right when I thought that 2009 was going to be an amazing year, and it was! Most of what happened is in my phone, which needs to be extracted soon. Yes I failed the Project 365 but what I gained instead was a lot of writing skills and the ability to capture random pieces of inspiration.

Enrol myself for CELTA at British Council Maybe
I ended up enrolling instead for GlobalTesol’s programme instead. This was mainly because there were no full-time courses at the British Council this year, and I did not want to take two days off each week to attend classes, so I decided to go for just ONE full-time class instead. The experience is priceless.

Get a new external Harddisk PASS!
I ended up getting 2. Three if you count the replacement drive. This year, I had to replace Kuro twice, and bought his new baby, Kuro-Pi (Cyberteam in Akihabara reference)

Spend time with family PASS!
Yes, I managed to do this to an extent, but there were still plenty of heartbreaking moments. Being told that I am rude towards some of my older relatives have caused me to stop and think. I realise that I no longer kow-tow to certain people simply because they are older than me; if they cannot treat my father, their own younger brother, with respect, then how can I respect them?

This was the year I learnt I have some really selfish relatives who will not hesitate to break up my family for their own purposes. I realised that those who called other hypocrites were themselves hypocrites, and knew that they were hypocrites. I discovered that my grandmother is still very much her own woman (which is love!) and no matter what I say, I cannot, and will not be respectful to those who cannot respect my mother and my father.

This is the year my brother and me discovered that no matter what, we’d hold on to each other, because at the end of the day, when our parents are gone, we can only rely on our own individual selves to live.

Retire from Cosplay PASS!
Well… I didn’t cosplay at all except for a Cosfu during Halloween. Does that count?

Strengthen ties with those who matter the most PASS!
This year’s theme for me, was very much love, respect, and as much as I could, privacy. I love you guys. You know who you all are.

Personal Mission: Get CF registered as a proper society. Somehow.
YAY! Almost done. If you want to know what’s our name, check the back of your CF tee-shirt.

Finish Keys to Twilight and Dreamer’s Kiss. Fail
So… it turned out that these were actually book 1. Currently editing Dreamer’s Key, book 1. 8D