[Dreams] Gorillas?

Only bits and pieces remain of this dream. It’s been an occurring theme for two days now, but I can’t make out the meaning nor the reason behind them except that perhaps I’ve been playing too much Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Things I can remember about the dream now (in sequence as much as I can):

CF AGM. Old President came back. I went around picking up votes for booth. Deidara went out to get some paper. Silvy sis had a whole stack of them, but her votes were either written in white pen on white paper or she had used an out-of-ink pen to write deeply into the paper.

Then I went around collecting votes, and met Hisa.

Hisa has a pet gorilla that he calls his bro. Apparently they grew up or something. Said gorilla is as intelligent as a human. talks like one. Also knows how to handle a gun. He and Hisa used to shoot at each other for fun.

I went to Hisa to double check something. Basically his gorilla brother (a silverback I think) needed to do something. Hisa was reluctant to ask his bother to do it cause it was not something they were familiar with. Apparently Hisa also had a son.

They put the plan into place or something, with Hisa’s gorilla bro leaving to get support/consider the decision he had to make. There was a whole menagerie of animals in his apartment, I can’t remember whether it was because Hisa gave them shelter or they were his gorilla bro’s entourage.

So went about my business as normal, until I realise that I had been wearing contact lenses and no wonder my eyes were irritated. The contact lenses were the blue power ones I had, and they had been in my eyes for so long, my eyes were turning red. I removed one fairly quickly but the other was interrupted.

Ciel-chan was supposed to watch a concert or something that was happening outside Hisa’s apartment. She had earlier met Hisa to get the tix from him. Kitsy was late, apparently. So while the concert was about to begin, suddenly it was a concert no more and a screening instead.

I took out my contacts and apparently I could see without them. Then Hisa’s bro came back and told Hisa of his decision. Turns out there were a few of the animals that weren’t happy with the decision. They attacked the gorilla, who fell back. Hisa shouted, “My apartment, bro!” and the gorilla jumped out through the window and took off, with the rest of his entourage following. They seem to consist of mainly small mammals and lots of insects.

So while he ran off, Hisa’s son comes back with Hisa’s old “teacher” who taught him and the gorilla in school. Hisa stops his son from shooting at his bro, saying that it would be an ironic week to cap the whole weekend; something about gun control week, usign guns, and the fact that it had been the gorilla who first taught him how to use a gun.

Then he and his son went in to watch Oprah, who was supposed to mention them or something. Oprah’s show was quite weird. She was apparently hosting her show from a dusty old studio, and when she walked away, her mike showed that it was connected to a vacuum. Huh.

Then I woke up.