Words for the year

Inspired by Joanna’s A Word to Last the Year post, here’s my word for 2010:


It was a word I discovered from Confident Writing sometime last year. Tenacity means, according to Oxford:

  1. holding firmly to something.
  2. persisting in existence or in a course of action.

My weakness has never been starting. It’s always been completion. Distractions figure too much in my life, and even with goals, I tend to drop personal projects once I’ve stopped being infatuated with them, even if the projects are uncompleted.

See: Nanowrimo, Queen of Daggers, Office Meido Chronicles.

The main reason I give up so easily on such projects is writer’s block. Once I hit a writer’s block, I make token attempts at persisting, and if it works, it works. If it doesn’t, I put it away and promise to come back later.

Which rarely happens.

That’s why my word this year is tenacity. It’s sticking to finishing what I started, no matter how long it takes. No matter how dreary. No matter how much I want to curl up and die. No matter the bad days. No matter the good days.

Perseverance and Tenacity.


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