Dear self

Dear self

Admit to yourself that your writing sucks. I don’t know how we went down this road, but stop trying to be lofty. Your words are beginning to confuse even me. We have a goal. We have a destination. We know we’re going to take detours. There’s no need for the kitchen sink. Your thoughts can be distilled. Let’s do that.

If it makes you feel uncomfortable, admit that it does. Take time to formulate your replies, please. You’re mature and have the brains to make your points in a clear, concise manner without being defensive. And yes, if confused, always good to step back and reaffirm the point of discussion.

Take ownership of your words. You did it once, keep it in sight. All this dumbness start coming up when you release your hold on your words. Own up.

On another note, yes we’re awesome. No one does things like we do. Becoming complacent and drifting away in our own little world is not the way to tell people we’re awesome though. That shows in our writing, in the way we act, in the way we carry ourselves and others.

So buck up self. The ride’s just beginning.


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    Also, look up a short story collection by Roger Zelazny. ANY short story collection by Roger Zelazny. For research!

    He’s the best example I can think of for telling a hell of a lot in just a few words, and doing it in elegant, even /poetic/ fashion.

    Also, the stories are FSMdamn awesome. Try to find ‘A Rose for Ecclesiastes,’ if you can… and I’ll try to find it online, if you can’t.

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