[Poetry] Darkness lightening

Dedicated to Mothership aka [Erna]. <3 There's a light burning
A candle sitting bravely

Alone on the pedestal it sits
Giving its light without stint
“My light is here for all,” it said
And so they took.

Little by little, the candle melted
Winds blew, storms raged
Till there was nothing left but a wick
And so the candle grew despondent

“Is this the end?” the candle thought
“Is anyone going to notice me gone?”

As darkness overwhelmed the candle
Other candles came to help
They remembered when the candle had passed on its fire
Lighting their way and giving them warmth

“Take from us, as you have so freely given,”
“Do not stint, do not hesitate,”
“Let us love you,” they said
“As you have loved us.”

“But I have none left to give!
My wax is almost melted, only a thin wick remains,”

“You remain. And that is all that matters.”