[Copywriter’s Chronicles] She’s not here

I’m very sure that [Ian] would be happy with this.

BM: Have a seat. She’s (Ian’s) not here.

Yes I know, low quality. 😛


Several hours later:

Spartacus: Who’s BM?

Me: Oh, your new colleague.

Spartacus: Why BM?

Me: Cause he said he wanted to learn English.

Spartacus: Eh? But why BM then?

Me: Cause he told me twice today that he wanted to improve his BM.

Spartacus: But you just said English!

Me: *falls off chair*


Less than 30 mins later:

Onne: [Ian], mana lu pergi? (where did you go?)

Ian: Saya pergi tengok perempuan kecik (went to see small women).

Onne: [Unable to hear what she’s saying]

Ian: Awak cakap awak (punya) semua kecik?

I won’t translate the last for fear of death.