[Politics] Moving on now

Zambry vs Nizar, Zambry won. As expected. Takkan the BN want to give Nizar control now, right?

Now that this farce is over, let’s get on with it. There are whispers that snap polls are coming, and they are coming soon. I find this amusing because these rumours ALWAYS happen when Najib’s ratings are high. However, this is then dampened when a new crisis to hit Najib’s reputation appears (we’ll discuss whether Najib has any online credibility later).

So, will there be snap polls in Perak? I don’t think so. If we go by online opinions at least, a snap polls within the next three months would be suicidal, at least in the urban areas where the Internet is prevalent. Rural voters might not care, as long as goodies are given.

The next month is going to be quiet.