Trip to Mars

This seems to ve the result of reading too much of Frank Herbert’s biography. Today’s dream is far more uncertain than yesterday’s. The imagery is far more vivid though, than yesterday’s.

We were all put in a spaceship. Three spaceship. I was among the last three. Can’t remember what I was supposed to do, but I knew that I needed to keep my hands out of the cavity window. Apparently the rocket had a ninja assigned to it; this ninja would pull you into your rocket if you were still outside by the time the launch sequence started.

We were the last 3 rockets to leave Malaysia, and we were leaving with some of the most dumb people. I mean, the cavity was blue; we were supposed to activate something and then get ourselves into the rocket. The two guys for the other two rockets activated it, and then left their hands there to admire the blue glow on their hands. They got chopped when the cavity burst into life.

I was pulled into my rocket by an old friend. Old Stella friend in fact. Was surprised to see him there. Once on the rocket, I sat with another friend. He put his head on my shoulder because we were both feeling sleepy and the next thing I knew it was 2 years later and we were landing on Mars. I checked my watch that seems to keep time (I haven’t worn a watch in a few years).

Then after a few announcements, they let us off the ship. I took my time getting off with my friends as they were announcing room allocations; I found out when I left that I should have gone earlier, as they were giving solo rooms to people. I didn’t feel like sharing, but was given a room to share with this other girl. We both didn’t mind each other’s company though I never got her name. Our room was room 19.

After the rooms had been allocated, I kept thinking to myself. Why, if we were here because the Earth had an environmental crisis, did we do almost the exact same thing? We could have saved resources by pairing up everyone instead of giving them individual rooms.

The rest of my dream was about the Internet. Mars Internet was slow and unreliable. It was not the speed that concerned me, but the amount of data. We lost a lot of content running from Earth.

A few years/months later, I walked into a Martian town which looked like it came out of old Silk road china, to apply for a job or something. Apparently I was supposed to work with a professor. Next thing I knew, I had offended this beady-eye looking guy. We got into a minor argument and he accused us humans of taking everything away.

I was struck dumb. I didn’t even know that these Martians actually exist, and wondered if they had adopted human guise to blend it. I did not know. The professor who came over to sooth tensions and then have tea with us never quite answered my questions when I asked about the Martians either.

After that tea session and watching him walk away with his wife (the Martian was a professor where I was going to work) I woke up.

Why do I dream of Mars?