Brief update

Tech update this week:

Office 2010 on Windows 7
Seriously beautiful piece of work. It’s not nearly enough to get me to buy Office 2010 when it comes out, but for now the free beta is awesome enough that I want to keep using it.

Google Buzz is fun
Now, to figure out how to set all my Buzzes to private by default.

Sansa is now Mort
He started out by being a girl, then somehow [Ian] convinced me that Sansa was actually a boy. That meant his name had to be a guy’s because calling someone Sasa (muscular in Malay) didn’t quite gel with me. In the end I sought inspiration from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and called him Morpheus. His nickname is Mort. Yes I do love Terry Pratchett too why do you ask? :3

New netbook wanted
Author’s note: Argh, sorry, I didn’t realise only half the section got posted. >>
I want a new netbook simply because of the battery life. Shiki’s been very tsundere since I named him such, and his battery life has been going downhill. It’s quite disconcerting, really. :S Am wondering what other netbooks I can get at below RM1000. Anyone has ideas?