Am alive

Gym yesterday was excruciating. It proves without a doubt that I am horribly out of shape. At 59.4kg and with 34.4% fat mass, I’m in a place I don’t like. By middle of March, I intend to be at least at 30% fat and to lose all the fat till I get to 25%.

Right now, I can still do quite a bit on the crosstrainers- I set it for 10 minutes yesterday and went overboard to 15 minutes, so I have no idea how much I was walking yesterday. I want to get back to doing at least 2km a session on that machine.

That said, Fitness First is quite small, else it was because I was too itchified to go there on the first Monday when everyone went back to the gym after the Chinese New Year holidays. Man were there a LOT of people! After my sessions with my personal trainer, I think I might move over to Axis or Uptown. Too crowded otherwise. 😛