3:10 Success Rates

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I’ve got a few questions for Information Minister Dr Rais. According to the article I just translated here, his statements raise more questions than they do answers. First off though, I would like to tip my hat off to him, for at least not joining in the gossip about Maya Karin (though Utusan seems to want him to).

Studies carried out in Malaysia between 1995 to 1998 discovered that only three out of every ten mixed marriages succeed.
I’d like to know what is his definition of success. Some couples could be together and still have a failed marriage; they argue, fight, and cheat on each other without actually getting a divorce.

The reality was there were a lot of hardship a mixed couple would face.
Isn’t this the same no matter what the circumstances of your marriage is? No matter the culture, marriage is not a bed of roses. Ideally, this could be bad translation on my part, but reading the context, Rais seems to paint the picture that only mixed marriages have problems while it is smooth sailing for the non-mixed marriages.

Children getting kidnapped back to their home country
I find it very amusing he said this, he’s completely forgotten about this. So how, Mr Rais? Why does Indira have to raise her children as Muslims and not as Hindus? Are you going to overturn the previous and unjust sentence meted out to her children?

Also on the home country thing
Sir, did you mean international mixed marriages, or did you just mean mixed marriages in general? You see sir, I ask because I’m a child of a mixed marriage. My family’s as Malaysian as you can get. I dare say that we’re really Bangsa Malaysia, or 1Malaysia, whatever you want to call rojaks like us. Both my parents are Malaysian nationals.

Thus, while I can understand your worry about children snatching internationally, I feel you do a discredit to everyone else.

Which brings me to my last question: Sir, do you have any friends who are of mixed blood like me?