[Religion] Insulters get away scot-free

If it weren’t for public pressure, we would have not known that the Al-Islam journalists who insulted Christians so happily will NOT face any charges. News article from Malaysiakini.

No action against Al-Islam, say AG’s Chambers

Due to overwhelming pressure from the general public, the Dang Wangi police district headquarters revealed yesterday that charges against two Al-Islam magazine’s journalists, who entered a Catholic church in Kuala Lumpur, have been dropped.

The duo who – on the pretext of checking out a claim that Muslims were being converted to Christianity – entered a Catholic church in Ipoh and took part in the holy communion.

They were charged under Section 298A (1) of the Penal Code for causing disharmony, disunity or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill will, or prejudicing the maintenance of harmony or unity, on grounds of religion.

In a letter to the complainant, senior investigating officer ASP Ananthan Rajoo stated that the Attorney-General’s Chambers had decided not to press charges against them.

“We referred this case to the deputy public prosecutor (DPP) and we received orders from them to take no further action (NFA),” stated the letter, dated Feb 12.

Wrong message

K Sudhagaran Stanley, who had lodged the police report in June last year, expressed disappointment.

“We are deeply hurt and our rights to freely worship has been violated.

“We are pressing for this charges to be placed not because of revenge, but because we want this country to be ruled by law, that people will respect the faith of others, that Malaysians will know that they cant just go and humiliate the beliefs of others and get away with it.

“This reply from the government sends a wrong signal down to Malaysians. We will see more of such cases in the future if we don’t stand up for our rights now,” he said via email.

He added that a mass peaceful protest will be organised soon to protest the decision made by the AG’s Chambers.

And some people wonder why I’m disgusted with our country. By the way, have you read what I call the Malaysian Lie yet?