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The past few weeks have been busy, harrowing, and full of ill health. Busy because there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. A new client’s site has just been launched, with its own set of problems. Am feeling a little guilty because I haven’t been pulling my weight the way I should have. I have no regrets though. My family comes first, and so does my health. :S

Speaking of health, yeah, I’m sick at home with a bad case of viral flu. Suspect it’s from a colleague cause another colleague and me fell sick right after he came to work with it. I survived Friday night and most of Saturday morning but felt the attack begin on Saturday evening. The colleague who was sick had a high fever on Saturday evening. Incidentally this was the day of the site’s launch.

My other colleague was attacked by the high fever brigade on Sunday morning. Yours truly woke up with massive joint pains all over the body; fearing it was dengue, I dragged myself to the govt hospital, thinking the blood test wouldn’t take more than a few hours. Let’s just say that I’m never going back again. Any doctor who talks down to a patient is not a doctor I want to see.

Turns out I had viral fever, and was given a day off today. Been spending the day resting, although Kuro decided that this was the best time to also fall sick. He contracted something called QTPlugin.exe, which had the effect of sending spam messages to everyone on GTalk when it connected, and then trying to do the same via MSN. Hah! Take that, virus! I don’t use MSN, I use Pidgin.

And before you ask, no I have no idea where this one came from. I checked the file and it said that it was created on March 13, Saturday, which was the day I had a shitty connection AND I didn’t surf anything remotely porn-ish, if that’s what you’re thinking. Meh, I did a complete reformat, and now the darling comp takes ages to log into Windows XP. I suspect it’s something that got messed up during the boot sequence.

Sigh. Ok, meds time and then sleep. Nites!

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  1. It seems like people around me are sick recently. I hope you’ll get well soon! And yes, health comes first before anything! Have nice rest. *hugs*

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