A plea to Kuro

Darling Kuro,

Please don’t die on me. I’ll check and replace your hard disk jumpers tonight. You’ve served me really well, and I love all the extras you’ve put up with over the years; the flatscreen monitor, your little brother Kuro-pi, the second repartitioning to Kuro-ko that didn’t work out, and being naked most of the time.

Is it the Motherboard that’s causing you problems? I wonder if the MSI that forms the basis of your heart is the one with the probs. I should have never gotten that NVidia. Should have gone completely the less-taken route when I brought you into this world so many years ago- ATi with AMD instead of NVidia with AMD. Forgive me!

Should I switch to a new motherboard? But what would I do with your casing? I love your sound and graphics cards, the processor and I just bought a new power supply for you. Perhaps it’s really the cables from your motherboard to your harddisks. I hope it is.

Sigh… I didn’t know that my dear child would have so many problems. You’ve given me many months of faithful service, let’s turn it into many years, shall we?

Your owner

PS: Windows 7 Home Premium sound good to you?

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