Letter to muses… and headspace

A slightly longer version of what I posted over to Note to Muse on LJ:

Dear Kishou and Ta’Lern

I’m glad that we got THAT out of the way. Yes, am editing, no am NOT putting in a sex scene. Goddamnit Ta’Lern your libido is not that uncontrollable!

Dear Franziska and Miles

Hello. Nice to meet you. No, you may not have a fic. I barely know you two, for goodness’ sake! And yes, that does include time playing ONLY AAI: ME. Seriously, stop making puppy eyes, trying to whip me AND invading my dreams. Do. Not. Appreciate.

Dear Sukina, Naoko and the rest of that female line
Darlings, wait wait what? You girls want to do WHAT? This is taking that story wayyyyyyyy out of left field.

Dear Annwn
Can I join you in your corner?


No love
Struggling Me

PS: Anra, no you may NOT play kissy face with Sukina.