Linkage! – Updated

Some stuff that [Tiara] and Jhameia linked to over the weekend/sleepy Monday Morning:

So… gender studies are useless, say some Harvard kids.

And apparently verbal consent must be denied for some young men to take a “no”… which can be ignored if the body language’s to their liking.

Fantastic fail on Metafiler about US-ians and their fail.

One more post I forgot to add: Apparently, Japan deserves another nuke because they have anime. The amount of fail is just…

And for today’s WIN post: Please to subscribe/get ideas from Steampunk Nusantara, especially if you be a fan/writer of Steampunk.

2 thoughts on “Linkage! – Updated”

  1. OH MY GOD that Harvard article is terrible! Astoundingly terrible! How on earth was that ever allowed to be published!? However, it’s good to see that guy getting a serious take-down in the commments. This was my fav:

    Dear Conservative Idiot,

    As you requested Harvard is no longer offering courses in “Ethnic and Women” studies and has removed all subjects pertaining to any knowledge based off any region besides Europe and contributions by anyone not male. We will be removing Algebra, fictional novels, the Elizabethan and Victorian eras, the number Zero, reverting all numbers to the Roman numeral system, all classic Greek/Roman courses (they were preserved by the middle east for a few centuries and thus are tainted), Christianity, Russia, and finally Egypt. Also in solidarity we have decided to remove any and all things on campus that came from somewhere besides Europe – paper, corn, gunpowder, sushi, silk, tea, chocolate and I’m sorry to say the one that will probably affect you students the most – coffee.*

    *sent to me by a friend, and too good not to share.

    1. Muahahaha! I love the responses for that one.

      It helps apparently that the guy’s name is attached to such a bad piece of writing, and so, as written by someone else, good luck finding a job! 😀

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