[101] Six Swords

The first thing they saw was the scythe. Always the scythe. They almost missed the boy with his book. It was a book after all, not nearly as threatening as the girl who wielded the scythe.

But they were always a pair. Always together. And when they were in action, everyone disappeared quickly.

For the girl was harmless on her own. Relatively, compared to the devastation her brother created. When the scythe swung, the book was opened. When the book was opened, the boy chanted. When he chanted, the girl attacked.

And when they were done, the battlefield was cleared.

1 thought on “[101] Six Swords”

  1. STILL completely lacking in leverage. 😛

    And for that matter, think of it this way. She may have superhuman strength, but how HEAVY is she? Swing out the scythe, and a girl that size would just fall over … because the balance of weight is in the scythe blade.

    (Now, if it was a scythe that wielded ITSELF, possibly with six swords and six arrows fighting alongside it… Now THAT would be a weapon that lands straight into Impossibly Cool.)

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