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I received this in email from one of the lovely P1 support team. Namely they sent me an attachment which I could not forward to my GMail. Once I saw the file in the .zip folder, I realised why. They were trying to send me a .cmd file. Irregular? Definitely. I’ve emailed them back asking if they can give me the manual steps, as I’d prefer to do this the long and manual way if I have to.

Dear Miss [Blanked Out]
Good day to you..

The answer why we do not allow customers to change DNS setting is because:

1) This is a fixed DNS IP used by WiMAX dedicated for the sole purpose of Internal Network Architecture Requirement.

2) DNS is not a security reason rather a critical network element to resolve an IP to a hostname. A security reason resides in the Firewall.

3) The DNS server already has most of the websites (A records) being placed. These records are used as a lookup/tracking mechanism. While certain sites are harmful, this is recorded in the DNS to block it, while using other DNS it could go through.

4) This is the one of the many reasons why CPE client side DNS cannot be altered.

I understand that you already try to Configure Open DNS setting on the OS layer to resolve for the issue. But we still need to investigate further and identified at the issue on this BSID: ([base station ID] )

I find their reasoning a bit on the suspicious side. Speaking to Marauderz, he points out that DNS names are stored on the OS side, which means changing DNS servers are useless until you flush the DNS cache, which I do. What I don’t like is being forced to use the DNS server on the ISP side, at the modem level, because changing DNS servers on the OS side does nothing if the DNS enquiries are still going through the ISP.

The thing is, I usually change DNS servers because I’ve never trusted a Malaysian ISP’s DNS services. We’re talking about Malaysia here, people. The very same people who blocked out Photobucket and Malaysia Today via DNS blacklist. Sorry P1, I’d rather use my own, and I find your excuse to be a bit on the lame side.

Please open the ANTS files that I have send to you.

First you need to copy the files and paste it on your desktop, then after that, double click the icons on your desktop. And then you can see all the 10 files.

Please attached all the files then send it to me back.

1) Gatewayip.txt
2) originalipsetting.txt
3) systeminfo.txt
4) pingcimbclicks.txt
5) dnslookup.txt
6) netstats.txt
7) pinp1sms.txt
8) route.txt
9) tracep1sms.txt
10) lookup.txt

Best Regards
[Customer Service Name]

This is where the command script comes in. Sorry, but I don’t like running random scripts on my computer, especially when I don’t know what else they would do. Give me the manual way and I’ll happily go step by step; as you can see, I prefer to be able to do it manually and learn how to do it myself instead of a script. So how, P1?

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