[Copywriter’s Chronicles] The Aircon curse!

Documenting because Ms [Joicy] says I should. 😛 Now let’s see, since that day I documented it.

In 2009:

Designer in Feb 2008 – Aircon died within the week
Copywriter in December 2008 – Aircon died within 2 weeks
Designers mid Dec 2008 – Aircon died the day after
Designer in May 2009 – Aircon died within a week
Designer in October 2009 – Aircon died the day he came in
Designer who went into the next department- Aircon died within the week

In 2010:

Designers in Dec 2009: Aircon died quickly
Designer in mid-Dec: Died during the year end
Designers/New people in January: Aircon died for one day
Designers/Copywriters in Feb 2010: Aircon died for 1 month (restored in mid-March)
Project Exec in April 2010: Aircon died the next day after 2 days of unusually cool air

Our office aircon can’t seem to take the “heat” of the new people. XD

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