Script Frenzy: Outline

Script Frenzy seems to have snuck on me and completely taken me by surprise. No thanks to me playing Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, I seem to have gained two new muses, who have also insisted on being the star of my Script Frenzy virgin try. Ah well.

The headache part about writing this script is the difficulty in keeping to their voices and characters. Miles and Franziska sound very similar, and the fact is after 14 pages, I still have no idea which one of these two wants to be the main character. Still, at least now I know that we’re talking about making this into a game, and Plotbot tells me that I can do branch scripts (where there can be alternates for the scenes I’ve written) so that may be a big help.

Ok, enough rambling. Now be time to create rough outline before I go offtrack (a novel can go all over the place, a script, not so).

Title: In my arms
Theme: Romance (I think)/ Thriller
Format: Game (ala Ace Attorney)
Timeline: Takes place about a year after AAI: ME, so this would tentatively be 4 years before Apollo Justice? As I’ve not played that game, I’m basically ignoring the fact that it exists.

Technical info:
Pages: Minimum 100 pages
Scenes: Unknown
Confirmed Locations: LA, The Royale, Miles’ Office, Franziska’s Office
Secondary Locations: Pembroke, Zheng Fa, Embassy of Cohdopia, Italy, possibly Japan
Crossover with other fandom: Mayyyyyyyyy be. I see Dino from KHR making an appearance.

Main Male: Miles Edgeworth
Main Female: Franziska Von Karma
Secondary Characters: Agent Lang, Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Pearl Fey
Side Charavyers: Gumshoe, Kay Farraday, possibly Dino Cavallone
Villains: Quercus Alba, Limon Kaffir (laugh if you want)

End Scene:
This image.

Section by Section:
Miles is definitely going to be injured, Franziska already is, I may break this script into 3. The main villain and focus will be on cleaning up the smuggling ring that sparked off the KG-8 incident.

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  1. I’d suggest having that fight-to-be-the-main-character thing incorporated into the script, actually. Each thinking THEY’RE the main star, while being more than happy to treat the other as their major supporting character…

    There’s some potential in that, no?

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