Gaping thoughts

Primordial Sound meditation, is in essence, the idea of going back to the gap in your mind. We have thousands of thoughts in a day; this noise runs through our minds and is in a way, the indication that we are conscious. The thoughts may not make sense, nor may they be coherent, but they are still thoughts otherwise.

What we rarely think about, if we do at all, is the gap between each thought. Take a breath, close your eyes, and ask yourself, "What is my next thought going to be?"


Did you catch that?

That small, tiny, almost-invisible gap between one thought and the next?

Yes, that’s the gap between your thoughts.

In that single gap, that space to breathe, is where limitless potential resides. It’s a moment of the Cosmos, of the Universe. I don’t know about you, but for me, that one single moment gives me a glimpse of eternity. Of unbridled freedom. Of simply being.

Now that’s a thought to take away.