[Copywriter’s Chronicles] Syncro

Me: *looks at the Copycat Gutter* Are we all synchronised today? (all of us are wearing grey tops)

Us three: *looks at each other*

[Ian]: Vince, are you wearing blue?

Vince: You mean my undies? *holds up his new singlet*

Me: … TMI.

Yes… the aircon is out. Again.



Me: Vince, your FB photo makes you look like you’re 50!

Vince: That’s the idea!

[Chris]: Oh, you want to be older? Come let me give you my years, then I’ll be 25 years old again!

Vince: I don’t think so. A few more months of working for this client and I’ll be just as insane.

Me: Yes, I think he’s well on his way, I mean, he did dream of work after all.

[Ian]: Wait, Jesus Mary Chain?

Everyone else: WTF?


Edit 3:

Background: [Ian]’s computer has been on the fritz the past few days, so he’s in the middle of backing up.

Ian: Nuuuuuoooo!

Me: What happened?

Ian: I accidentally deleted my file.

Me: Try Ctrl + Z!

Ian: *presses and a file appears* Uwarrrrghhhh!

Me: ?

Ian: That’s not the file.

Wind_Goddess: What was the file you deleted?

Ian: …

Ian: I can’t remember.

Me, [Joicy] and Wind_Goddess: *falls off chair*

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