[Politics] Foot in mouth syndrome

There are times when I wish I can listen to the recording of what politicians, especially the BN, say. As a PR graduate, it shames me when I see public figures making a fool of themselves. Especially if they’ve hired a global Public Relations company. I suppose that they didn’t want to go for the grooming classes, believing them irrelevant.

The statement that irks me the most in the Star today is this:

He (Muhyiddin) added that Malays had no reason to worry about the New Economic Model: “Even if we address problems on a need basis, the target group that we cannot neglect is the majority (the Malays).”

There are so many ways he could have said it better without making it sound like the Malays are going to be given priority, simply because they are Malay. Or that there was the intention to neglect the Malays. Try these on for size:

“The target group of NEM are the needy, which comprises largely of Malays.”

“Malays are part of the target group when we address the problems on a needs basis in NEM.”

“Malays will not be neglected as we address the problems on a needs-basis; they too, are part of the target group.”

Note: References to NEM is my own addition as I do not know what was the preceding sentence.

I have a feeling I may have made things worse, but I think it certainly reads better than the original. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “[Politics] Foot in mouth syndrome”

  1. Hence they need a copyrighter!
    Or a Proof Reader!

    You want to be charmismatic, you still need to memorize some lines, though going all out in impromptu is more exhilirating, but i do know many who go impromptu may slip some words =3=

    heh..random talk..

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