SMT: DS games

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

  • SMT: Devil Survivor Drama CD is pretty nice. All the characters sound just like what I would have expected them to, except Naoya. His voice is simply: Sexiness in a bottle.
  • DS DCD’s official pairing is Yuzu x Hero. Damnit, I was hoping for a Atsuro X Yuzu. I think they deserve each other. Personally I prefer Haru X Hero more, or even Amane x Hero. Yumi says that they explored only one route, so I suppose that was the reason why.
  • The drama CD is making me feel like playing the game all over again. I stopped at day 6 and didn’t continue after that cause I was hopelessly underlevelled, which brings me to a point I don’t like about SMT.

SMT: Strange Journey

  • SMT: Strange Journey follows a more classic style. Playing it reminds me of the way it was described in the old PC games, but I’m rather disappointed to see that they didn’t spend enough time on the graphics; the dungeons look horrible and can be confusing.
  • Don’t really have any characters to root for, but I enjoyed the challenge of trying to convince the demons to join my side. Of course, fusing them is a lot of fun. I’m trying to get all the Lady and Megami demons; next one is Fortuna. She looks kick ass.
  • Yes, am shallow gamer. I’m only aiming for pretty demons. 😛

Main gripe about both games:
The boss levels often so much higher than their underlings in that level, you’re almost always at a disadvantage. For example, the boss could be level 20, you’ve hit level 16, but all your enemies are level 14 and below, which means levelling up to level 18 is often a time waster cause you spend more time hunting low level demons that give very little, if any, EXP.