Writing about cultures not my own!

Got linked to this first, by IN. Then I read the actual article.

If a writer is afraid of writing about us due to all the weight this task carries, and if this fear thus renders that writer unable to write, I do not think it is our obligation to reassure and soothe and praise said writer. I do not think we should muzzle our anger out of consideration for people who cannot write about us for fear of their offences invoking our rage. I do not think we should ask for anything less than acknowledgement and respect: not just for us as a people and as a nation, but also for our history of colonization and oppression, for the inequalities that persist within and without our country, for the present struggle for self-determination and identity that’s often hampered and warped by influences from the spheres of our former colonial masters.

Context may have been Filipino, but this transcends borders and race.