[Copywriter’s Chronicles] Sandwiches

So Riyuna’s found the link to my blog:

Riyuna: i just browsed ur blog
Riyuna: i think i want 2 faint when i read that ‘main laki’ post
Riyuna: how do u servive being sandwiched btwn vince n ian? lol
Riyuna: *survive

XD That’s a very good question, Riyuna. XD


So, after Vince went for his daily dose of jambu:

Riyuna: Vince loves jambu so much, i wonder if he was born under a jambu tree
Me: *sends message off to Vince*
[Vince]: haha
Vince: tell her
Vince: i was conceived under jambu tree
Vince: =P

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