May 13 Blog Swarm

Crossposting from FB:

As seen on the Malaysians LJ community, I’m inviting everyone to join in the May 13 Blogswarm. For too long, the spectre of May 13 has haunted us. So here’s a challenge for May 13. Instead of burying it and pretending everything’s hunky dory, let’s talk about it.

What does May 13 mean to you? What do you know about May 13? Have we moved on since then? Have we stayed stuck in the past?

Tell us. Tell everyone. Do it in a Facebook note. Do it in your blog. Write a poem. Shoot a video. Joke about it. Cry about it.

Let’s make May 13 a day to talk. And listen.

Are you coming?

Edit: Ori page can be found here:

Wife of Edit: If you’re on Twitter, our hashtag is #swarm13may. Spread the word. 😀