[Geekiness] I ish Noob, not Newb

Thank you so much to Dusty, Lightyoruichi and Spinzer for the help!

I discovered this morning that somehow my themes were all showing their sidebar content in the footer instead of where they should be. As it was an error that spread across themes, I began to panic that I had messed up my WordPress installation somehow. I had just installed the new Sail Away theme too and thought that was the cause.

Deleting it, of course, didn’t make a difference.

After my call for help went out on Twitter, Spinzer suggested that it could be a missing div, and I poked him on GTalk to troubleshoot further. He and Lightyoruichi both suggested that it could have been widgets-based.

While puttering around, Spinzer asked if I used code for my search box widget. It took me literally around 30 seconds to realise that it might not have been the widget, but that whole chunk of code I’d use for the Meme entry yesterday (now under Pending Review till I get the time to modify it).

I hid the entry, refreshed my main page, and.. VOILA! HELLO MY DEAR “REACH INTO YOUR SOUL” I MISSED YOU!

The lesson, kids, is NEVER, EVER, post code without reading through it carefully. I used to do this all the time but have gotten lazy in recent years.

At least I’m glad it wasn’t malware or anything. ~_~

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