6 weeks (roughly) and counting…

Been meditating almost on a constant basis for the past 6 weeks. 43 days if I’m not wrong, though if you consider the days I missed it would be perhaps closer to 35 days or so? In any case, I been doing Primordial Sound Meditation over the past few weeks and the results have been nothing if not interesting.

Some things that have happened so far:

Blood pressure dropped. Either I was 120/90 or 120/70 before I began meditation, but a recent checkup showed my blood pressure to be 110/70. Which, I am told, is extremely low. However, I don’t have dizzy spells, but I’ll be on the lookout for that. On another note, physical exercise actually complements the meditation; while meditation activates my mind by making it be still, gymming has exhausted my body, so when I rest, I am really resting.

My intuition seems when it comes to every day things have been getting a little bit sharper. Exhibit A: Internet connection in the office. I’ve counted at least 3 days when I’ve gotten the nagging feeling to bring my home connection to the office and I’ve obeyed it twice. In all three times (including the time when I didn’t bring it) my judgement was sound. With regards to laptops, it is also the same. At least twice I’ve been moved to bring my laptop. Both times said laptop was needed. Though currently said laptop is rebelling. ‘._.\

Now this… I’m not quite sure how to describe. My greatest wish has yet to come true, but I suspect it’s not for the want of trying. šŸ˜› However, there has been quite a few meaningful coincidences happening in my life. Some are funny, one is scary. XD The main one I had was the day after I bought the concealer. Was so happy playing with it before I went to work that what happened at the end of the day made me facepalm. An Account Manager requested my help to proofread a beauty and makeup webstore proposal.

The scary one is not quite related to my current project, but it is to my hobby. Most people know that I want to be a novellist and that I do want to be published. What happened was a few weeks ago, I meditated with the intention of finishing Celefina. Starting new projects is easy for me. It’s finishing them that’s always the hard bit. So I meditate with that intention.

Several days ago, a friend put me in touch with a published Malaysian author who’s looking for freelancers to help with his latest book. And who’s also more than willing to teach me a thing or two about publishing in Malaysia. Can you see me flailing here? šŸ˜€

So um… yes. Meditation. Don’t mess with it yo. XD

PS: My immune system seems to be working overtime. I rarely feel like falling sick, though I’d want an MC now and then. Instead I recover very quickly from any illnesses. Hmm…