You are led by imagination into the realm of heart and soul. 

The card in the Self position reveals aspects of how you perceive yourself right now. 

The Page of Cups (in some decks, a Princess) portrays a devoted servant and student of the heart. The energy has a trusting nature that doesn’t doubt or question and generally doesn’t research to verify assumptions. Imagination and faith are your guides. This character fills his or her mystical cup and drinks deep from the transforming waters of the higher mind. You would like to join in that exploration of inner space.

Don’t let this distract you from the necessary responsibilities of day-to-day survival, however. This page sometimes allows herself to be swept away. In a slight trance, she may grant too much power and credibility to gurus, teachers or leaders when it’s really in her best interest to keep her own counsel. With a dreamy heart on her sleeve – utterly sincere and transparent in her motives – she assumes everyone else is a seeker, too. Beware of forgetting to look out for yourself lest you be played for a fool. Remember to take a close look at assumptions.



I went up to Penang on Thursday to attend an interview on Friday. Stayed at Tune Hotel, which is deserving of its clean reputation. I love the amenities, and for the price I paid I think it was worth every single penny. If you’re looking for something cheap and a place to just crash and bath without worrying about hygiene, Tune Hotels is the best place to book. Needs a debit/credit card though to book.

Now that that’s done.

My interview was with a college located near Tune Hotel on Friday morning. It was for the position Student Affairs Executive, basically the person who does all the paperwork for students, organises orientation etc etc etc. When I went in though, I admitted that I was actually aiming for a teaching position instead. Being brutally honest has its rewards. I managed to convince the Principal that I would be of better use to her as a lecturer than I would as a student affairs executive. We’ve scheduled a second interview in about 2 weeks’ time, hopefully with the approval of UTAR and the English Department’s head. I’m to not only bring myself, but also a proper lesson plan to demonstrate. This is something that I making me flail, but in a good way. In case you’re wondering, the interview lasted for about two hours. Half was talking about qualifications, the other half was talking about the college’s aims and ambitions. They’re a mid-sized college with an eye to expanding in the next few years; just the kind of outfit I love working with.

The rest of my time in Penang was spent hanging out with great Penang friends (I’ll never forget the look on Sizer’s face when I told her what I applied and where I applied to), having tea and discussing life. I didn’t really have much time for Penang food, but I’m glad that I got the opportunity to spend time at all in Penang.

That said, I cannot kidnap Penny as requested by many because Penny is the Guardian of the Penang Otakus. To deprive them of their protector would be mean and unfair. 😛