Today has been a series of blahs.

First off, I completely blew my mock lesson. Nerves got the best of me and I simply crumbled under pressure. Although a better term would be to ramble under pressure. On a good note, it seems that I come across as a pretty ok teacher considering that I didn’t have any prior experience teaching, but the problem was in my qualifications. Apparently my GlobalTesol Adv Dip cert may be recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education, it’s not recognised by the Malaysian Quality Assurance board, so that means I can’t teach with it.

ARGH. Aggravation. If I had known this from last week I would have cancelled my trip and focused instead on getting some answers from the GlobalTesol people, who have been assuring me that since they are recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education, I should be able to teach in Malaysia (aka being recognised by MOHE = Being recognised by MQA).


Then I come home to find out that my p1w1max modem is deader than a doornail. Now the modem was completely disconnected from my PC the whole time I was out, so this indicates a problem with P1’s base station… AGAIN.

And don’t you just love it when the troubles begin AFTER their hotline has shut down for the night? Fantastic.

Bah. Shower. Then I go torture Asad and Chro. Possibly Fredegund and Amar too! đŸ˜›

Edit: On a good note, one of my white hairs came out in the bath! YAY!

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