Suikoden Tierkreis: Thoughts

Simply put:

  • Asad is such an uke. As suggested by Neon, Chrodechild tops Asad. Fredegund tops Chrodechild.
  • Roberto is hot for Hero.
  • I still think Mubal is a pedo.
  • Meruvis strikes me as the type of guy who’s probably going to either have an arranged marriage or marries for convenience. That said, his wife will be the very sweet, loving kind of girl. Though she has a mean left hook.
  • Ooooo Ritterschild gunners! Only team I know capable of taking down the Dromon Pirates while the former is around level 22 (Fusillade all the way!). With Hero providing the healing. XD
  • Shams and Manaril are. too. cute. Really! But OMG Manaril’s magic is really powerful.
  • Fredegund… I didn’t know you were that old. Thought you were only 19! On another note, I thought Roberto was 22, turns out he’s 17.
  • Why is the cast so. bloody. young. But I admit, most of the people I perved on were all… appropriately aged. Or rather the pairings.
  • Fancy Lads Unite Attack is… sparkly.
  • If the Company were a country, Liu would be the Prime Minister, Jale would be the guy in charge of the Harem and Marica is Mistress of the Harem. Thus Hero is like a Chinese Emperor who has no idea what is happening.

Cut for story thoughts!

Did the Hero’s father travel countless worlds to rally people against the One King, only to fall in battle? Given the cutscenes, here’s what I know so far:

In the Beginning, Hero’s dad had baby. Baby was lost due to Gateway accident. This baby, presumably, is the Hero. Due to the accident, it is highly likely that Hero was further barred from travelling to different worlds. The Gateway where Hero came through was probably a freak of nature that opened and closed immediately, preventing any Wanderers from finding it in the short term.

Some years later, Atrie meets with Hero’s dad in the old castle, and strikes up a close friendship with the family. As he has the same gray hair as Hero and Hero’s dad, it would not be too far off to assume that Hero’s dad felt a kinship with Atrie, though I think he knew that Atrie was not his son.

Hero’s dad lost to the One King. His castle then appeared close to where his son was, reappearing almost to the spot where the Gateway accident had dumped his son off a decade or so earlier. Hero makes his way to the castle. He is now the designated Tenkai Star of that world. It is quite likely that the Shining Regalia and the castle are linked to the Hero. Whenever he crosses a certain threshold, perhaps to become more like his father, Shining Regalia tries to make it easier for him to reach that potential by returning the castle to its former glory, hence the expansion of the castle.

I suspect Zenoa too, had a hand in this.

As Gateways are linked to the different worlds, it’s no wonder then that Atrie appeared in front of the Hero when he was looking for Hero’s dad. This would also explain the clothes that the Hero gets after the castle is expanded. The question that then arises is, “Where did the final battle between Hero’s dad and the One King took place?”

My answer would be: it took place on Hero’s dad homeworld, but he had TWO Chronicles with him.

Remember, in Astrasia, we see that Hero’s dad is holding on to the Divine Edge. He meets the One King for the first (?) time. However, he is unable to even get close to the One King as he is not a Starbearer of that world. Rather, during the fight, when the Starbearers lost, he had escaped or was kicked out of the world, with the Divine Edge becoming Astrasia’s Chronicle. (Can someone clear up whether the Hero’s dad was holding on to Divine Edge in the Porpos-kin cutscene too?)

When a world loses to the One King, parts of it meld to other worlds. I suspect that one part of the Hero’s world also landed on Rahorenga, and the scientists there misread the Chronicle, leading to everything being twisted. This Chronicle then also became the Chronicle of Rahorenga. The Hero’s dad’s spirit lived on through the Chronicle to pass on the message to his son. Or whoever was strong enough to handle the information in the Chronicle.

This leads to a new speculation:

Long before this, the Porpos-kin had their final battle with the One King, led by Hero’s dad. Somehow, Hero’s dad escaped before the fight ended, as he is not shown fighting the One King then. Part of the Porpos-kin ended up on Hero’s world. Everyone but the Scribes (presumably) and the Order knew that the Porpos-kin was not always part of the world. The Order somehow manages to get a Renegade to guard the Beads of the Priestess, the Chronicle of the Porpos-kin’s world, after using it to summon another world.

I speculate that Janam, Astrasia, Lugenik and Ritterschild arrived BEFORE the Porpos-kin. This would account for the fact why the Order knew where the Chronicles were in those worlds. Assuming that Ritterschild and Janam started their feud AFTER landing on this world, it would explain why each country had their own Chronicle.

I suspect based on the clues given, Diadora is a Wanderer who fell in with the Order. This means that by the time the Hero’s dad’s world came to Flesaria Forest, the Order would have had access to at least 4 Chronicles; the Wanderer’s Chronicle held by Diadora, the Porpos-kin Chronicle, the Auster Folk Chronicle and the True Chronicle.

I… shall stop now and do a Juufan. Which is to go shower before I do anything more.