Afternoon naps

Working backwards from the point where I woke up:

A student is found- She is a candidate who is needed to do things – found in the office of a man who was trying to sell otaku pushup dolls and/or female butlering service – the man whom he was trying to sell things to was familiar and unfamiliar at the same time – I know him, but not like this.

Going backwards – the man and the CEO met when one of the dolls covered the man in cream during an accident on the Japanese train – this then gets the man an invitation to the company to clean up, which they do, and then the CEO tries to sell sex toys to the man. Going back, the man is going home from the beach after picking up his things.

He’s on his way home from the beach after ironing his clothes and answering some questions in a beachhouse. Before that, he was talking to me, my mother and another friend. We were debating the meaning of the word dollar bit. This is preceeded by heading out to the beach to reclaim a teddy bear that had been left in a fishing net after my family went fishing. We had to drive to reclaim the net, and I needed to wait some time before I could finally use the shower after trudging through the same to get my stuff.

The shower was full of relatives; literally full of male relatives from my mom’s side that I had never met but was sure I did not like because they were chauvinists and disrespectful. About 12 in the shower but I could only glimpse unclearly 8 and two were coming down after that before I showered.

Going back further, had spent the day at the beach because dad and bro were fishing. I can’t really remember what else before this beyond I know that I had been told to go. And that I woke up earlier to switch the comp off cause it was raining heavily.