[Politics] Awesome sauce!

There were two reasons why I voted for the opposition in the last General Elections.

1. Pakatan Rakyat promised a FOI act.
They made a promise in 2008 that if they were elected, one of the first things they would seek to do is to create a Freedom of Information Act. This was one of the reasons why I voted them in; because they promised me that they would create such an act. Yesterday, they tabled the Freedom of Information Act. That’s one promise kept.

2. Local Elections
I am still waiting for this one to be resolved, but let’s just put it this way; apparently we are not allowed to have local elections because it is unconstitutional. Huh. But from what I know it’s still in progress.

Congrats, Pakatan. Now keep it up. I, for one, am interested to read what documents I can of the water concessionaire agreement.