Voice test!

Someone said that I probably needed to get a proper job (aka one that occupies me for more than a few hours a day) to keep me off the negative and self-defeating thoughts I’ve been having recently. In response to that, I’ve decided to do something a bit extraordinary: Record for Librivox. I’ve recorded two snippets, both very short, but will upload only one cause I’m looking for a player that lets you play without needing to download.

Sonnet 17 is here. (Edited so it sounds louder)

And that old lit paper, Sonnet 18!

2 thoughts on “Voice test!”

    1. Aiks, ok will try again later. :S I need to figure out a way to make the mic in audacity louder. :S It’s soft in that program, but when skyping or msn’ing it’s quite loud.

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