[Dreams] Velociraptors

There weer velociraptos in Petaling Jaya.

I can’t remember how it happened, only that it did. I suspected the attacks was carried out by two different parties, perhaps the human party had summoned the real thing? All? There was the matter of a revenge, and the raptor being allowed to terrorise the streets freely; everyone was going around carrying long umbrellas, golf sticks and other staff-like weapons. Mom didn’t believe me at first until we were attacked one day. I think we abandoned or let some expert take over fighting the raptor, because I remember we were running away, I tried to carry mom but failed, but the raptor was kept busy by something else.

The raptors appeared only at night, and you could never be too sure where they would appear. We were kept off-balance, everyone in PJ was. The last segment of the dream, my family and me had gone to 7-11 to grab some light snacks and what not just after dinner, just something to keep the tummy full while someone took care of the raptor problem. My brother and me walked off to a nearby Chinese restaurant, where they were having an outdoor, street-side wedding. We were looking for the guy who borrowed dad’s umbrellas while we were in the convenience store. He had disappeared, so my bro and me walked back to the car. My dad had extra umbrellas, so he had rushed back to the car and gotten them; we met up with him and mom not too far away.

I looked down into the grate covering the drains; I saw a velociraptor running by. Screaming at my parents, we began running to the car. It appeared behind my dad and I hit it with the umbrella. It chose to engage me first, also with its own umbrella. This was the human masquerading as a raptor, I thought, but it turned out not to be so, cause it still had its teeth and all. In fact, it was completely a raptor except it was talking, mocking, us and everyone else who wanted to defend ourselves against him.

The last few scenes were confusing. Either he died by a random stray bolt of lightening or something he got stabbed, but it was likely to be both.

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  1. If there’s anything I have learned from xkcd, it’s that you can NEVER be too prepared for sudden velociraptors. Clearly, your dreams show you to be exceptionally ready to take them on!

    Go you, madame.

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