Hi Rydeen!

New computer! Mizi/Shiki now has a new younger brother, who goes by the name of Rydeen. He’s a Prolink Glee UW2, who seems to be a modified and repackaged version of an old HP Mini.

As you can see, I’ve put him on Jolicloud. It took me about 2 days to realise why Rydeen plays so nicely with Jolicloud; apparently Rydeen is the God of Thunder’s Japanese name. To quote Kamigoroshi “That’s a happy God of Thunder.” So far he does have a longer battery life than Shiki, but I haven’t been able to install Pyroom on him yet. Once that’s done, then we’re talking. 😀

Also, as a note, I actually need to sit down and reformat Shiki for the last time. Then I can pass him to my mom. For his small size, he should suffice enough for her to read her emails and play Facebook if she wants. 😀 His lack of power should not tempt her to do anything more. THERE IS NO WAY I AM GOING TO SELL SHIKI. He has sentimental value for me. :DDDDDDD