[Dreams] What, nothing supernatural this time?

The more reasonable the dream, the more I can’t really control it.

Dreamt I was flying off to the US for some assignment or other. Dates were 5 Dec to 10 Dec 2010 I think, or was it 1 Dec? I was supposed to be away for 5 days, and I was thinking “Well, that RM50 in my wallet out to last me nicely.” I didn’t change my money, but I knew that I was on the verge of being broke.

Then before I got sent off, I was waiting for an old friend to show up. He was supposed to be accompanying me to the States. In the end, I checked in with his check-in luggage without him. Then I went to a hotel with some of my close CF friends to wait the time to pass before the plane took off. We ended up walking in the rain with this random newspaper guy giving out free umbrellas to those caught in the rain; he seemed to have utmost confidence that people would return his umbrellas.

Once we were in the hotel, nearly everyone went up first before I did. As I was getting ready to go up, I met one of my old Cosmotot kids. She said she had been waiting for me since 12pm to send me off to the US. At this point, my mind supplied that I was still working with Cosmotots. I then had to rush up the lift or something, so I couldn’t say much to her.

The lift was this antique thing with an Apple iPod touch (square version) for its floor selectors. I was stumped. The old guy who was with me in the lift then showed me how to work the stupid thing, and I wondered what kind of an idiot would incorporate such an easily cracked app into a lift.

I got out on my floor and was immediately distracted by Mika. She took me back down again because she wanted to get a cake for Neko. It was something along the lines of, “We make Neko remember events by covering her entire body with the scent of the day,” or something like that. I suggested we use the excuse that I needed to get my charger back as the reason for us getting cake.

Then I woke up. Hmm… thought that popped up while I was writing the above. “Did I just peeked into my alternate dimension’s hectic day today?”