Customer Service still exists!

Yesterday my mom and me stopped by the 7-11 near our house to pick up some Vitagen Collagen. While paying for it, the same thing happened at the counter as it did at Giant. The price tag said it was RM1.10 for a small bottle while the scanner said it was RM1.50.

Again, I paid without realising the price difference. The guy at the counter (whose name I forgot to get orz) looked at the money and then told me that the price was RM1.50. I said that it was stated on the bottle that it was RM1.10, not RM1.50. He took a look at the bottle, sighed, then looked towards the shelf. Then he told me to just pay the RM1.10 instead. He admitted that it was a labelling mistake, but he did not charge me for his mistake. I suspect that the guy who mislabelled the price is going to get an earful, but hey, I’m just glad the counter guy didn’t make me pay extra.

So take THAT, Giant!

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