Nano 2010 Notes

Note to self: No more Chinese tea after 8.30pm next time. It’s 4.35am and I still can’t sleep. Argh.

Summary of this year’s Nano book:

Hands stained with blood. A sister born of imagination. The girl with the Spirit Tattoos. The Man with the golden rings. A priestess at the behest of a Goddess. So goes the prophecy:

Child of Light
Dear Heaven’s Delight
Child of Dark
The Shadow’s Bark

The Balance Tips
jAnGlE oNce
The Goddess weeps

Six billion people on a planet
Meant to support two at most
When the Veil is torn
hEAVEN Hell Come Tumbling downnn

Thus it is written.

And urgh that style of writing was painful. Oi Naoko, what were you on this time? Also, forget it. I’m not playing a scythe lover or a siscon mature. *rolls to bed*

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