Though we are strangers when we meet…

When AFA announced that they had an Angela in their Anisong lineup this year, the first thought that came to mind was “OMG ANGELA AKI IN SINGAPORE???” Then I realised that it was for a band called Angela.

In the words of Ganaesh, pfft.

Angela Aki’s one of those singers whose songs will never go out of style. She’s like a bowl of good soup on a rainy day; whenever you’re feeling sad or lonely, she’s there to pick you up. Her songs have a certain sincerity that’s not very common in many songs, at least not English songs (the only one that comes to mind is Eminem’s Love the Way you lie).

Life, Angela’s latest album, is a mixed bag. There are some songs that are technically there but not the soul, but more than her previous album, you get the feeling that she’s finally experimenting. I feel like I’m seeing a more complete picture of her than I did before.

Notable songs include Kagayaku Hito (which is still heartbreaking to me for that single line) and Ai to Bansoukou, which is new and shows off Angela’s vocal prowess. Bop Bop Bop, despite its name, doesn’t quite bop but makes you smile. Haha Naru Dachi and Sign are Angela experimenting with various instruments. You can hear the influence of her mentor Janis Ian in these tracks.

But the one, kick-ass, must buy reason for this album?

Every Woman’s Song. The album version is so much better than the Youtube version, there’s just no comparision. Her vocals here are more nuanced, there’s a choir and overall, it’s simply epic.

Every Woman’s Song is a song from every woman, to every woman out there. I’m in love with this song. The first time I heard the Youtube version, I teared in public. I’m glad I decided to listen to the album at home, because the tears just. wouldn’t. stop.

Definitely a keeper.

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  1. Angela Aki is really a gifted composer and singer. We should thank her boss for encouraging her to make up her mind to be a singer. I watched her telling her story on tv programme when i was in Japan and she’s really a hardworking, humble, and sweet person. She sings her faith, that’s why all are attracted by her music. 🙂

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