The Psychology of Tentacles


This all started as a joke. You see, a few days ago I misread a tweet from a friend. She was writing about the “tentacles of psychology.” I misread it as “psychology of tentacles.” In my defence, I had just woken up when I saw that tweet. So, in true style, said Twitter Friend, fondly called Tentabunny, decided to take the concept and run away with it.

This is where we stand:

Inquiry Founder: Naoko (aka me)
Pioneering Psychologist (aka lead researcher): Neon
Test subject: Tentabunny!

Class: Ikan Billys, Sairen, Caxi

Potential student: Caxi

Suggested readings:

Basic Tentacology
Portrayal in olden Japan
Modern Revival
Tentacle as Replacement Penis?

Get to class, people!

16 thoughts on “The Psychology of Tentacles”

  1. Let’s be fair, it’s not always the tentacle monster’s idea.

    In many ways, I daresay they could be considered a persecuted minority. Imagine one just walking down the street, maybe stopping into a cafe for some coffee and a croissant, maybe going over and checking out the new releases in a bookstore window…

    And having to deal with all the screaming people running away from him/her/it on sight, as well as all the people running TOWARDS.

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