Food: Japanese Curry!

So after talking to sis [Luc] about how I want to eat Japanese curry but wasn’t sure if I had the ingredients to cook them, I had a dream about cooking said Japanese curry with her. I took it as a sign and when I woke up, rummaged around the kitchen. Turns out that we did have extra potatoes, onions and carrots that my brother didn’t use the last time he cooked, so yay! I also did a quick check on the Net for cooking Japanese curry with apples, and someone mentioned that they threw in the apples near the beginning, so…

Carrots and onions! Caramelise the onions
Here’s the chopped tiny onion and small carrot cut. I recommend caramelising the onions before cooking the carrots and the potatoes, because the smell is simply wonderful!

Potatoes in water
I also cut up two potatoes cause I love them. Note: To retain its colour, throw the potatoes into cold water after you cut them.

Apple to be sliced!
I peeled and sliced this apple after caramelising the onions. Not enough time. Next time, I’ll peel and cut the apples right before I start cooking.

Bubbling pot!
Bubbling pot is bubbling nicely!

So, how I cooked my curry was this:

1. Cut carrots lengthwise then from bottom to top. Dice onions into tiny pieces. Cut potatoes roughly into cubes. Apples were cut into thin slices for easy melting.

2. Rinse pot with water, dry, then put on stove. Heat stove and drop in about a knob or so of butter. When butter coats the bottom of pot, throw in onions. Note: I was on medium heat at this point.

3. Fry onions till they caramelise and turn brown. Throw in potatoes. Ensure each piece of potato is touching the bottom of the pan. (At this point I began to slice the apples; bad mistake as it turns out I SUCK at peeling apples). Leave for about 1-2 minutes, then toss in carrots. Stir everything once and then leave it to cook a bit. Throw in apples and stir a bit more.

4. Once the potatoes have turned a bit brown, pour in about 3 cups of water. Stir some more, and let it come to a boil on high. Bring it down to simmering point and leave for about 10 minutes to allow all ingredients to cook.

5. Throw in curry roux. Stir to ensure that the roux melts properly. Once this step is done, you can add more water (for a watery curry) or leave it on simmer to reduce for about 3 minutes (which is what I did).

6. During step 5, cook the rice.

7. NOM!

7a. Note to self: A bit of extra water doesn’t hurt especially if you plan to eat the curry later. Right now it’s quite thick LOL.

[Nom pics to follow] Hehehe:


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  1. Japanese curry roux is wonderful, especially the “Vermont” kind that you see here in supermarkets everywhere. Now, if only my husband actually LIKED Japanese curry.

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