Jobs jobs jobs!

It seems quite a few people I know are having money problems (including yours truly). So I did the next best thing: Opened up Jobstreet and went looking for part time jobs. So far, this is what I have:

Data Entry with Unisys
Hours: 1.30pm to 8pm (fixed)
Pay: RM7 per hour
Breaks: 2 breaks, which seem to come up to a total of 1hr 45 mins, which cuts quite a bit into your pay as the working hours are very limited.
Notes: You will be typing in numbers for about 97% of the time (aka your best friend will be the numpad). You will use the keyboard otherwise, but it’s rare. Also, you’ll be based in Damansara.
How to get it: Drop a comment in here with your email and I’ll forward you the email I got from Farah Waheeda of Randstandt. Even if you don’t get this job/it’s too far for you, I’d recommend contacting her anyway because the company she works for is a temp agency.

Customer/Tech Support for Datacom
Hours: 7am – 12 pm (flexible, these are the hours I chose for myself) Edited = There are two shifts depending on your favoured time slot.
Pay: RM12 per hour
Breaks: Unsure, but possibly none as I am only working five hours a day.
Notes: Based in One Tech Park near Centrepoint. Datacom is a outsource tech support company (like VADS) but they service international clients. The one I’ll be working for is an Australian one. Here’s the catch: There’s an end date of 30 NOVEMBER 2010. Which means after this date, your job will be finished. Pay seems good but we shall see.
How to get it: Drop me a line here and I’ll forward you the email with the details.

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  1. nao nao, is that Datacom one, the one based at One Tech Park, basically the same Technology Park I am staying right nearby at?

    If so am interested! Would be so much better doing something rather than just waiting for interviews/callbacks or such ^^; am feeling quite restless. Are the days & times flexible and just recorded by the hour?

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