Note to self: Different crowds, different thoughts. There is a reason why I archive these tweets. The following convos were written during SMCKL. :3

Key aim: Decide what your end goals are, then you can decide on the metrics when using SM tools.

Metrics differ from clients, cause they all have different aims and end goals in mind.

Dear self, please stop tweeting really serong-sounding tweets for #smckl. >> 28 September 2010 8:59:35 PM via Seesmic Web

There’s a hidden cost, either time or resources when it comes to managing SM to ensure a smooth flow.

According to @digi_telco, cost is harder to estimate for effectiveness of SM tools

LOL @digi_telco’s hours is that they’re alive on SM when their people are awake. 😛

Nothing wrong with brands using SM tools to communicate with their customers. More proactive approach.

I really think that @davidlian has something that’s making the mike react so much XD

The most important thing is not to think of the tool as a strategy or end in itself. But rather, changes.

Increase in sm usage mainly by small businesses.

Change of behaviour is the metric used to gauge success of SM campaigns

In a nutshell, @digi_telco uses SM as a TS tool. #smckl 28 September 2010 8:29:43 PM via Seesmic Web

Interestingly, @davidlian, despite doing SM, is spending time looking at spreadsheets than doing SM