To do list

This is for Nanowrimo. 😛 It’s 31 days left, and I realise after last writing about it that I cannot stop writing. This is refreshing; I think I may have found the best pattern that works for me when it comes to writing. The trick is not so much to write for the sake of writing, but to focus instead on doing something else, something that takes my mind off writing. Which would explain why I feel most creative when I’ve been deprived of my passions. XD

So, among the things I need to do for Nanowrimo:

  • Research a little bit more about tattoos and guns, not to mention the spiritual traditions of East Asia.
  • Sync up Mort with Kuro. I’ll be listening to DRR! and FMA this year to write. I might put in the OST for Sherlock or some other movies I’ve watched recently, but I highly doubt that.
  • Reconsider writing times for Nano, as I may go 6-8 hours at my part time job for money
  • Confirm set locale for novel. Right now it’s nowhere, and I might want to consider relocating it to make writing easy.

I’m pretty sure the list will increase as time goes by because I am writing this off the top of my head but I’ve never felt so gleeful before. My main aim this year for Nanowrimo is to actually FINISH a story.