[Dreams] 12 Hour sleep

So went to bed for close to 12 hours. I napped at 6pm and woke up at 5am. 8D During said sleep, I had random dreams. Really weird but they are fun all the same. Please note that the sequence below is NOT following timeline. They happened in the same dream but I can’t remember which goes where.

The fun part of the dream? I drove a BMW motorbike. And boy was it a dream to handle. I got on it cause there was something about a vigilante? And I was part of the three man vigilante team. All I remember is that when we needed to escape from the bad guy, we took bikes. I was told to take the BMW bike. Which feels slow but wow it went really, really fast. I was doing a 120kmph and it felt like I was doing 60kmph in a car.

Clearly my speed sense is out, even in a dream. XD We escaped from the villain and ended up taking a break in a hospital that read “Selayang Hospital.” At this point, I’ll have to:


Cause I’ve seen the outside of that hospital and no way did it ever look like that. But it was ok! Cause we ended up eating and a bunch of stuff. I got ticketed in the hospital by the way for not wearing my helmet. Which was a black thing that apparently came with the bike. After that I spent quite a bit of time trying to put on the helmet without it screwing up my glasses. Once that was done, I was free to go on my merry way. Which included trying to take a shortcut to go home via a highway cause I wanted to test the bike. I ended up driving through this funeral parlour that did commissions for funerals and all. And possibly interrupted a migrant burial (it bears mentioning they are migrants cause that was the impression I got).

Then I woke up.

Influences in the dream: Durarara!, talking to Tsukushi (who works in a hospital), Robert Downing Jr, Sherlock, Malaysian politics.


Dream part 1 I think took place before motorbike.

The influences of this dream isn’t quite as clear as the one above. I can only think of one, but it’s a far cry from the actual content of this dream.

Simply put, I dreamt that I had taken over Chakotay’s role as Capt Janeway’s First Officer (yes, Star Trek Voyager, my fave of the entire series). The most vivid part is that we were under attack and we were walking to the bridge. Which, for some reason, turned into this room filled with rows of flat tables ala canteen. I sat across Janeway and noted she had her back turned to me while the crew was briefing her on the situation. To communicate with me, we were passing notes on that scan board thingy they use to view books?

But the thing is.. we were typing in a advertisement box. The content on the thin scanner was a webpage with a flash ad banner. An ad that prompted you to write things in it, aka email and the like. She wrote messages in it. Then she showed it to me, and vice versa.

And anyway, it turns out that they were debating whether to help the alien civilisation on this world cause they were being attacked by Voyager’s enemies. The reason for the debate was simple; the planet was covered in anti-spacecraft guns. Apparently the enemies wanted Voyager to take out those guns.

Also, I feel a need to mention that Voyager wasn’t the shape it was. Instead of the two plate shape, it was more of an undulating chain. Quite weird. But colourful!

Influences: Talking to @wind_goddess about FF14, seeing the FF movie the other day when I was in One U, Sherlock. Both movie and series. I think.